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Central Maine residents are no stranger to severe snowstorms and heavy rain, so it’s even more important to pay attention to the trees in your yard. Leaning tree trunks, widowmaker branches or dead tree limbs can easily break off and collapse around your home.

Our fully certified arborists at Integrity Forest Management are advocates for all trees in your landscapes and understand there is always a good fit for your home and landscape. If a big tree is a liability, hazard or can potentially damage your home, it may be time to call our arborists for a free consultation to evaluate your large tree removal needs.

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How To Know When You Need Tree Removal?

Routine tree removal may be done at any time of year, generally as soon as you see any sign of decay or hazard that concerns you that a tree might fall and damage your property. The most commons signs are:

  • The tree is dead or pest-ridden

  • A tree is leaning or appears unstable

  • Branches or roots are touching your home.

  • Severely crooked or leaning trunks

Tree removal can seem like a big project sometimes, but finding the right trusted service can make this big, sometimes stressful project much easier to accomplish. Reach us today to schedule an appointment.

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