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Overgrown trees are not only distract from the natural beauty of your landscape but can also cause significant damage to your property. With our tree trimming services, your tree will become healthier, stronger, and look much better. Integrity Forest Management in Corinna & Bangor, ME provides custom tree trimming services to keep your trees and your lawn looking great. We’ll remove dead branches or limbs that may interfere with your windows, gutters and roof, raise your low-hanging canopy and prune away dead undergrowth to help maintain your tree’s health and size.

Trust our licensed arborists to stay on top of your pruning needs and maintain the health of your landscape, call us today.

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Why Is Regular Tree Trimming Important?

Trimming doesn’t just promote the natural growth of a healthy and stronger tree, it also raises the value of your property. By getting routine tree trimming services you will benefit from: 

  • Reducing the risk of damage from fallen trees

  • Boosting your curb appeal with shapely shrubs

  • Encouraging new growth with fewer dead branches

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